The IPO Readiness Guide for CFOs Hero

The IPO Readiness Guide for CFOs (2021 Edition)

Transitioning from private to public can dramatically alter the chemistry and operations of a company, which is why it’s so important to have the right people, processes, systems, and mindset in place.
"Ask Me Anything" with CFO Lee Kirkpatrick Twilio (2012-2018)

The Road to IPO: CFO Lee Kirkpatrick Twilio (2012-2018)

Veteran CFO Lee Kirkpatrick guided Twilio to and through its IPO from 2012-2018. Now he's an active board member and executive advisor to both venture-backed and public companies. Lee shares his views and best practices for exercising greater empathy, up-and-down the organization, as a cornerstone to being a strong leader in the company.
"Ask Me Anything" with CFO Criss Harms Forescout (2013-2020)

The Road to IPO: CFO Criss Harms Forescout (2013-2020)

Veteran CFO Criss Harms guided ForeScout, a 20-year-old company, for nearly eight years to and through its IPO from 2013-2020 where he helped scale the business with people, systems, and processes. Having traveled the entire start-up journey, Criss has key insight and experience concerning CFO leadership and strategy.
Changes in the Market (IPO, Direct Listing, SPAC) with Morgan Stanley

What's Going on Below the (Exit) Waves w/ Morgan Stanley

Team Morgan Stanley helped provide some context behind the robust valuations, changing strategies, and structural innovations of today’s market, and offered their advice for how emerging leaders can capitalize on these trends for future success.