Your Scale to IPO
Operating Manual

Insights from experienced private company leaders and industry experts that will help you scale yourself so you can scale your company from growth stage to IPO and beyond.


Architecting Equity: Considerations for Equity Structure, Refresh Grants, & Employee Communication

Equity strategies for growth stage companies.

The Treasury Management Playbook for Growth Stage Companies

Mitigating treasury risk with a modern and scalable strategy

Is it Time to Recalibrate Your Compensation Strategy?

Considerations for comp budget adjustments, pay transparency and employee communication.

CFO Software Stack - Best in Class

The CFO Software Stack

The most used business systems & tools by private company CFOs.


The State of Fundraising in 2023

Fundraising outlook from a VC, banker, lender, & finance executive.

The 2022 IPO Readiness Guide for CFOs

Sage advice on going public from battle-tested CFOs.

Five Guiding Principles of an Effective IR Strategy

Advice for developing an IR strategy before going public.


Flexible Work: Trends and Tactics

Tactics for strengthening culture and connection within hybrid and remote teams.

Leveling Up Performance Management

Strategies to turn tedious annual reviews into a continuous culture of high performance.
The CMO Hiring Playbook Featured Image

The CMO Hiring Playbook

How to identify, hire, and onboard a Chief Marketing Officer that can drive transformational growth within your marketing organization.

Supercharging Your DEI Efforts

How to strengthen DEI as an organizational objective.

The IPO Readiness Guide for CFOs

Sage Advice on Going Public from Battled-Tested Finance Leaders.

Equity & Compensation

Navigating Pay Transparency Laws

Why, where, and how to comply with pay transparency laws.
409A Valuations in Turbulent Market

409A Valuations in Turbulent Market Conditions

How to navigate a lower 409A or option repricing.

Total Rewards: Communicating the Value of Equity

Strategies for communicating the value of equity and total rewards.

Navigating the Shift from Options to RSUs: The Why, When and How

What to consider when transitioning between different equity grant types.

Liquidity Guide

A comprehensive guide for creating successful employee liquidity programs that aligns the needs of employees with those of executives, the board of directors, early financial backers—and the growing company.

Systems & Processes

Managing Your Board of Directors Through Uncertainty

How to manage board dynamics during uncertainty.

A Three-Part Framework for Annual Financial Planning

Best practices for annual planning strategy and communication.
ARR in a Consumption Model

ARR in a Consumption-based Pricing Model

As a CFO, how do you help manage the transition of your board of directors from a private company to a public company? Four battle-tested CFO’s shared their experience and advice with The Circle Community.

The 409A Valuation Process: What Every Founder Should Know

Learn the mechanics of 409A valuations, how to prepare, and what to watch for throughout the process.

Leadership & Vision

Cash Management for CFOs in Profitability Mode

Navigating public market expectations and engineering growth in a downturn.

Cash Management for CFOs in Recalibration Mode

Advice on prioritizing spend and efficiency in a market downturn.

Cash Management for CFOs in Survival Mode

How CFOs can cut costs and extend their runway under challenging times.
The IPO Software Stack: What You’ll Need Before Going Public

The IPO Software Stack: What You’ll Need Before Going Public

Best practices for developing the systems and processes you’ll need to go from private to public company, with insights from EY.

IPO Readiness

The Road to IPO: HashiCorp CFO Navam Welihinda on Going Public During Uncertainty

Behind the scenes of HashiCorp’s 2021 IPO with Navam Welihinda.
Communicating and Aligning Expectations With Your Board Ahead of an IPO
The Road to IPO - Remitly CFO Susanna Morgan

The Road to IPO: Inside Remitly’s Accelerated IPO Timeline

Remitly CFO Susanna Morgan discusses Remitly’s accelerated IPO timeline, and what life is like in the public markets.

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