CFO Software Stack - Best in Class

The CFO Software Stack: Picking the Best Software

The Circle Community gathered to dive deep into CFO Software Stack for the five of the most requested business activities in more detail -- Enterprise Resource Planning, Business Intelligence, Contract Management, FP&A, and HRIS -- recommending strategic considerations and specific systems for each function.
Reimagining the Office

8 Tips for Re-Imagining Your Office

As the world slowly emerges from a pandemic-induced work-from-home era and businesses move to adopt hybrid work plans, employees and employers alike have the opportunity to reconsider the role of their physical office spaces.
Hybrid Work - Getting it Right

Hybrid Work - Getting it Right

After over a year of pandemic-induced remote work, businesses across the country are preparing for employees to return to in-person offices in some form. Spoiler alert: no one has this figured out quite yet, and getting it right will take a lot of trial and error.
Founders Circle Capital Fund III Feature Image

Community as Capital: Why We Invest in People-Building

Founders Circle Capital is delighted to announce the closing of Fund III at $355M. Now, we're even stronger in our ability to invest in the people building today's fastest-growing companies who find themselves navigating the unique challenges of transitioning from startup to hyperscale. We believe, to our core, in the organizing principle of community as capital and that no company can be built if its people aren’t built first. Though funding in its various forms is essential, an investment in you is the most valuable currency we can offer.
Deal Desk - Do's and Don'ts

The Do‘s and Don’ts for Creating, Implementing, and Optimizing Your Deal Desk

A sales negotiation Deal Desk can streamline your sales team’s negotiation process, providing critical guidance and support for standard and complex deals alike. On the ground leaders of The Circle share best practices for creating, implementing, running, and optimizing a Deal Desk operation.
The Ins and Outs of the IPO Price Discovery Process

IPO Price Discovery with CFO Kim Jabal of Unity

When navigating towards your IPO, finding and setting the correct price for your company’s stock can be one of the most important aspects of the process. Kim Jabal of Unity joins The Circle to discuss the ins and outs of the price discovery process.