The State of Fundraising in 2024

What growth stage startup leaders can expect from the current fundraising environment.

The State of Venture Debt

The evolution of venture debt post-SVB.

The 409a Valuation Process

Stock options have been a way for startups to incentivize employees but with them comes regulatory requirements in the form of a 409A valuation for startups.

Stock Options and Other Equity Compensation Strategies

Incentivizing employees with stock options is common in startups, but it can be difficult to know which types of stock options to provide at each stage.

Incentive Stock Option Expiration Date Problem

As more and more startups elect to stay private for longer, the mandated 10-year expiration date on incentive stock options is becoming a real problem.

Secondary Stock Sales: A Brief History

Secondary stock sales have always been possible, but their popularity has soared in the last 10 years. Learn about the history secondary transactions & market.

Section 1202 Stock: The QSBS Gain Exclusion

A little-known tax incentive for investing in qualified small businesses can help investors get $10M tax-free.
A Legal Guide to Secondaries

A Legal Guide to Secondaries

For private companies, deciding whether and how employees may sell shares can be tricky. On one hand.
Startup Founders and Executives Consider Financial Wealth Planning

Startup Founders and Executives Consider Financial Wealth Planning

Building a great technology start-up to and through a financial exit happens to a rare few.
Why the Stock Options System is Broken

Why the Stock Option System is Broken

Incentive stock options plans were originally designed to encourage employees to patiently help build startups over the long term.
How the New Tax Law Impacts Startup Equity

How the New Tax Law (Section 83(i)) Impacts Startup Equity

Countless workers have been hit with surprise tax bills after they exercise options, the result of Internal Revenue Service rules that haven’t always been friendly to startups.
Running an Employee Tender Offer Without a Big Tax Hit: How to Structure a Secondary So it Doesn’t Count as Compensation

How to Avoid a Big Tax Hit on Secondary Employee Tender Offers

In Silicon Valley, a tender offer that allows longtime employees at high-performing startups to get some liquidity is fast becoming an expected benefit. While secondary stock sales have always been possible, their popularity—and legitimacy—has soared in the past 10 years as successful companies put off IPOs in favor of staying private
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