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Leading Effectively During Crises

How CHROs can support and lead the organization during a crisis.

Evolving Your Compensation Plan on the Road to IPO

How to get your company’s comp plan IPO-ready.
The CHRO/Chief People Officer Hiring Playbook Hero

The CHRO/Chief People Officer Hiring Playbook

How to identify and hire the right CHRO/Chief People Officer to drive transformational growth at your organization.

Designing a Sales Compensation Plan

How to structure and manage a sales comp plan.

Generative AI in HR: Opportunities, Risks, and Policy Considerations

Considerations for introducing generative AI in the HR function.

Compensation Committee Construction

How to establish a comp committee charter, select board members and maintain alignment.

CHRO’s Role with the Board: 3 Strategies to Build Boardroom Impact and Influence

How to build boardroom impact and influence as a CHRO.

Flexible Work: Trends and Tactics

Tactics for strengthening culture and connection within hybrid and remote teams.

Navigating Pay Transparency Laws

Why, where, and how to comply with pay transparency laws.

Leveling Up Performance Management

Strategies to turn tedious annual reviews into a continuous culture of high performance.