by Owen Van Arsdale

Shortly after I started at Founders Circle I learned we’d soon be joined by a fellow Hoo. For the uninitiated, that’s a University of Virginia alumnus. This turned into a much greater fortune than I initially imagined. An experienced tech banker and passionate investor, Ryan has taught me a great deal about the companies we work with and immediately applied his knowledge and hustle to add tremendous value to the investing team.

Back at UVA Ryan was accepted to the McIntire School of Commerce, where he picked up the finance & accounting skills he needed to jumpstart his career. During his time at UVA, Ryan took great pleasure in mentoring younger students, and he’ll be returning to Charlottesville in the Spring to continue this work, as a guest lecturer for the senior seminar on venture capital.

However, finance wasn’t his only passion – Ryan also received a Global Sustainability degree at UVA, where he wrestled with how to solve social and environmental issues in an economically sustainable fashion. These experiences drew him to Founders Circle, where companies like Tala and Imperfect play a part in addressing such issues at scale.

After college, Ryan returned to the Bay Area, a decision he couldn’t be happier about. He started his career at Barclays as a tech investment banker, where he advised on over 25 different M&A and capital markets transactions. After working on high-profile IPOs for companies like Uber, Crowdstrike, and Chewy, Ryan knew he wanted to get into venture and help these companies along their journey to success. Two years later, he saw the chance to join a group of genuine people doing just that, and he didn’t think twice.

Outside of work, Ryan’s motto is good music and great friends, best enjoyed together. He and his 3 closest friends live in a house on the edge of the Presidio. Together they’ve taken full advantage of San Francisco’s music scene, having attended over 20 different live concerts just last year. When Ryan isn’t planning his next concert, you’ll find him surfing at Ocean Beach, cycling in the Marin Headlands, or roller-blading around the Marina district. Don’t hesitate to stop him and say hello if you do!