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The “Art” of Annual Planning

How to drive efficiency and navigate conflicts during annual planning.

The “Science” of Annual Planning

Align your board, executive team, and broader organization with your vision to create a successful roadmap for the future.

Managing Your Board of Directors Through Uncertainty

How to manage board dynamics during uncertainty.

8 Tactics for Leading Effective Annual Planning Conversations

Advice for mastering the art of financial planning.

A Three-Part Framework for Annual Financial Planning

Best practices for annual planning strategy and communication.
2021 Financial Planning and Setting Board Expectations

2021 Financial Planning and Setting Board Expectations

2020 has introduced a wide range of new, unpredictable variables to consider when financial planning for the future. The|Circle convened this week to discuss different planning approaches, including scenario planning, general planning advice, and tactics for communicating these plans to the board.
Consumer Playbook Morgan Stanley

A Look at the Consumer Public Company Playbook

The Circle gathered this week with our consumer-focused CEOs and CFOs to discuss the consumer tech market playbook, from the perspectives of public company CEOs, CFOs, and Boards. Umi Mehta & Shaan Tehal of Morgan Stanley joined the group to synthesize for them what they’ve learned from scores of public company leadership conversations.
Software Public Company Playbook

A Look at the Software Public Company Playbook

The CEO|Circle + CFO|Circle came together with Paul Kwan, Head of Morgan Stanley’s W. Coast Tech Group, and Melissa Knox, Global Head of Software, to discuss Morgan Stanley's software market playbook which they’ve synthesized from scores of public company leadership conversations they’ve held. 
Financial Planning COVID

Scenario Planning in the Age of a Pandemic

CFO’s, today’s “Risk Officers”, convened with Rob Krolik (who leads the CFO|Circle Masterclass series) to discuss how to scenario plan around the financial downturn, including how to model cash preservation and assumptions to make around revenue and expenses.