We invest in the people building breakaway growth companies.

Founders Circle is a founder liquidity firm that invests in the people who are building the top 0.3% performing venture-backed start-ups. Founders Circle provides personal capital to founders, long-term employees or early financial backers to help them relieve life’s pressure valve. In so doing, Founders Circle aims to align everyone towards ever more patient longer-term company building.

Founders Circle works by invitation only of management and their boards who ask the firm to structure managed liquidity programs that operate under the company’s complete control and are thoughtfully handled throughout the purchase process.

Admittedly a bit folksy, many of our customers also refer to Founders Circle as a "kitchen table" firm. That's because the kitchen table is where life's most important decisions get made and, appropriately, the place where we often find ourselves talking with team members and their families. It's the place where we hear about their family's dreams and life's needs. It's the place that gives our programs focus and passion so we can help these team members become rededicated and reenergized on building their companies as standalone enterprises that will endure.  

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