Senior accountant

by Shirley Lee

We knew Michelle would be a great addition to the finance team with her contagious smile, positive energy, bubbly personality and love of food and restaurants. Besides taking care of Founders Circle Capital’s books and records, our finance team loves to eat!

Michelle was born in the States but moved back to Taiwan with her family when she was five. She returned to the States for high school, where she spent her first spring shivering in sun-drenched Southern California, a place much colder than the 80-degree year-round weather in Taiwan.

Having limited knowledge of the English language when she returned during high school, Michelle spent much of her high school years translating history and biology textbooks with English-Chinese dictionaries. The initial struggle in English didn’t deter her interest in learning other languages, and she went on to learn Spanish in high school and later minored in Korean during college. You might wonder why she would learn Spanish while still trying to improve her English, the truth is she thinks learning Spanish simultaneously, helped improve her English. She remembers first learning that memorable and useful phrase “baggage carousel” in English when the word showed up in her Spanish textbook.

Michelle went on to initially pursue a Chemistry major at UC Berkeley as she had always enjoyed anything hands-on growing up – from experiments to baking (which is also a type of chemical reaction). She spent part of her college years watching explosive demonstrations in classes, making liquid nitrogen ice cream in labs, and creating foundations and makeup removers during internships. However, after two years of dealing with test tubes and spectrometers, she decided she would appreciate a career that allowed her to talk to real humans. With her love of numbers and people interactions, she decided to make the switch to an Economics Major, where she found a passion for tax and accounting.

Michelle started her career at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, where she worked as a Tax Senior Associate in the Private Company Services and Chinese Business Client Group in San Francisco. She spent her days assisting startup companies and Chinese inbound clients with tax consultations. Interested in what goes on behind the income statements and balance sheets, Michelle decided to join Founders Circle Capital as our Senior Fund Accountant in 2018.

We are the winners to have added Michelle to the team – she’s positive, organized, helpful and just gets things done! When she’s not pitching in on all things finance, she enjoys travel, yoga, trying out restaurants and boba tea drinks.