Head of brand & growth

by Megan Rychlowski

Marilu was born and raised in Miami (Mi-A-Mi, pronounced with a hispanic tone) where her family migrated from Cuba in the 60’s. Her passion and drive is so much rooted in the fact that she’s a Cuban-American.

Marilu graduated from the University of Florida (GO GATORS!!!) in 2003 where she majored in accounting but, oddly enough, found that Coaching Baseball 401 class to be more challenging than her Tax Law 401 class.

Although extremely competent in accounting, Marilu always had a strong interest in fashion and was itching to exercise her creative side. But the pressures of being an immigrant and the second family member to graduate from a university in the states forced her to travel a different path. Accountant, Lawyer or Doctor: those were her options according to her family. So, following suit, she stayed the course.

In 2004 she moved to NYC to join her high school sweetheart, Jorge, who had already been living there. Marilu kicked off her career as an auditor at McGladrey and Pullen where she loved meeting her clients and the people she worked with but didn’t quite feel a connection to the actual work.

As luck would have it, in 2006, her future husband, Jorge, received a job offer in San Francisco. Thinking this could be her fresh start, she quit her job, moved across the country, to work as a cashier at Banana Republic. One day a job offer was presented to her by someone at Gap Inc. HQ as a financial planner for Gap Kids. Marilu felt this position might offer just the right balance of accounting and creativity so she jumped on the opportunity and was there for 8 years leading multiple projects as a General Manager on a one-of-a-kind project at Gap, Piperlime. 

The birth of her first child, Jorge, jr., triggered yet another career change. In 2015, she started working with a leading San Francisco events and design company where she was then introduced to the Founders Circle team. Feeling a deep connection with not only the people but also the product and practices of our firm, she made her full transition as our marketing and operations consultant and has proven time and time again to be one killer Marketeer.

When Marilu is not doubling as a marketing maven/walking excel sheet, she is a loving wife to her husband Jorge and her two mini me’s, Jorge Jr., and Calia – who are exact carbon copies of both her and her husband. Marilu enjoys creating delicious meals for her family, getting to the beach as much as humanly possible and perfecting DIY jobs around the house. To which, her husband affectionately refers to her as Martica Stewart – the spanish version of Martha Stewart. 

It seems as though Marilu has finally found the perfect ingredients for her life-cocktail – the right city + the right job + the right people = passion fulfilled. We are so happy she’s found her second family here with us at Founders Circle and we look forward to growing our team and evolving with her onboard for years to come.