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What is the NYC|Circle?
The NYC|Circle is a subset of the broader collective. It is comprised of the CEO's & Founders in the greater New York Are who are charged with inventing, developing, scaling and maintaining the crowned jewels of the company. The members are part of building a company that has surpassed the “40 Rule” (≥$40M Rev, ≥40% CAGR, ≥40 GMs) where their daily experience is much like laying track in front of the moving train.

How often does the NYC|Circle meet?
2x/yr, typically May and October. While many would aspire to a monthly gathering, 2x/yr seems to be the right level of commitment when considering everything else one needs to manage when leading a #breakawaygrowth company.

But, the aim is for them to build familiarity and trust with one another so that they can reach out as needed.

What does the NYC|Circle talk about?
Well, that’s up to the Members.

This is a program that is of the collective and by the collective.

The topics of focus depend on what everyone finds is keeping them awake at night. The topics are curated just prior to a gathering by the community leaders who, by the way, are a couple of peers who volunteered to take on a bit of organizational duties. When the topic merits it, 1-2 expert witnesses are sought out who have their unfair share of scar tissue from the issue and are eager to shield others from the same lacerations.

The community leaders facilitate the topics at the gatherings. But, ultimately, its a many-on-many discussion format. Nothing formal or stiff here. We prefer things to be organic and iterative. 

Where does the NYC|Circle meet?
Around the "kitchen table” because, after all, this is where life’s most important discussions and decisions occur. The environment is set-up to encourage individual members to illuminate their most vexing operational issues and the other members to share their scar tissue having dealt with similar matters.

What does it cost to be a Member?
$0. Time is the most precious commodity that the collective could ever ask for.

Want to know more about our next Circle gathering? Drop us a note at:


October 25th, 2016 | Freemans, NYC
Led by: Ragy Thomas, Sprinklr  
Hosted by: Chris Albinson, FC + Mark Dempster, FC + Melissa Stepanis, SVB

Thank you for joining us.



May 12, 2016 | Little Owl - The Venue, NYC
Led by: Matt Meeker, BarkBox + Ragy Thomas, Sprinklr  
Hosted by: Chris Albinson, FC + Melissa Stepanis, SVB

Thank you for joining us.