Community + Programming Manager

“Teamwork is paramount for successful leadership.”

Preet goes by Preet because her full name is commonly mispronounced by others – Gurpreet. But that doesn’t mean she isn’t proud of her name. In fact, her name has a lot to contribute to her personality.

Preet’s family originates from Punjab, India which makes her a first-generation daughter of immigrants. She holds her culture near and dear to her heart – which explains her love for dancing. She has been dancing since she was able to walk and has been performing in competitions on and off for many years.

Her favorite form of dance is Bhangra, which is a high-energy traditional folk dance originating from Punjab. As a child, she moved around every few years (California, Washington, Arizona) but one thing always remained constant – her hobbies. Dancing, playing the violin, soccer, skincare, traveling – just to name a few.

Being a product of the “Youtube” generation, she became consumed with the idea of skin and makeup tutorials at your fingertips which encouraged her to pursue her passion for skincare. After nine months of school and going through the state board process, she received an aesthetics license and immediately jumped into the aesthetics industry the best way she knew how – as a provider.

She worked as a clinical aesthetician at a medical clinic in San Jose where she learned a great deal about the service industry as well as had the opportunity to apply her passion and knowledge towards helping others grow confidence in their skin. As a daughter of immigrants, she has always had the mindset of “how can I grow my passion into something that can feed more than my soul?” This is what led her into marketing.

Through that mindset, she found herself working on the clinic’s social media presence where she created promotional campaigns that led her to build on her marketing interest further at West Valley College. Preet was lucky to have found an amazing internship at Lumenis where she would be working alongside the marketing team to promote aesthetic devices – she felt like she hit the jackpot! At Lumenis, it shaped her idea of what the marketing industry, in general, can provide, which made her realize her love for marketing was only growing while her passion for skincare was subduing. That’s when she decided to make the move from the aesthetics industry to the VC industry and join us here at Founders Circle Capital.

As someone who’s had broad-ranging experiences across different industries and roles within my own career, I was able to see right through to the root of Preet’s passion, drive and dedication. And that regardless of the industry, all of these assets would help her quickly learn the ins and out of venture capital. So far she’s proven us right (and beyond) and we are so happy she is now a part of the Founders Circle family.

by Marilu Livermore

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