Incentive Stock Option Expiration Date Problem

As more and more startups elect to stay private for longer, the mandated 10-year expiration date on incentive stock options is becoming a real problem.

The 409a Valuation Process - 10 Things Every Founder Should Know

Stock options have been a way for startups to incentivize employees but with them comes regulatory requirements in the form of a 409A valuation for startups.

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A little-known tax incentive for investing in qualified small businesses can help investors get $10M tax-free.

Stock Options and Other Equity Compensation Strategies

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Disclosures Needed for an Employee Tender Offer

Figuring out how to manage what type of equity to issue—Restricted Stock, ISO, NSO, or RSU—is an ever-present challenge for startups, with the best strategy changing as a company grows.

Building Culture Through Tender Offers of Employees Stock Options

A reflection on life as a private company for over a decade and the importance of culture to sustain the team through the inevitable ups, downs, and pivots that any successful startup encounters.

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Free flowing private capital, strong cash generation, and a desire to avoid regulatory requirements

A Legal Guide to Secondaries

For private companies, deciding whether and how employees may sell shares can be tricky. On one hand.

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Building a great technology start-up to and through a financial exit happens to a rare few.