Deal Desk - Do's and Don'ts

The Do‘s and Don’ts for Creating, Implementing, and Optimizing Your Deal Desk

A sales negotiation Deal Desk can streamline your sales team’s negotiation process, providing critical guidance and support for standard and complex deals alike. On the ground leaders of The Circle share best practices for creating, implementing, running, and optimizing a Deal Desk operation.
The Ins and Outs of the IPO Price Discovery Process

IPO Price Discovery with CFO Kim Jabal of Unity

When navigating towards your IPO, finding and setting the correct price for your company’s stock can be one of the most important aspects of the process. Kim Jabal of Unity joins The Circle to discuss the ins and outs of the price discovery process.
Compensation for your Sales Team - Getting it Right

Compensation for your Sales Team - Getting it Right

Sales compensation is often rife with difficulty and unintended consequences. Leading startup CFOs and a Deloitte principal discuss how to get it right.
"Ask Me Anything" w/ Jeff Epstein

“Ask Me Anything” with CFO Jeff Epstein of Apex and formerly of Oracle (2008-2011)

From his former role as CFO of Oracle to his current position as co-CEO + CFO of a SPAC, Jeff Epstein has earned plenty of scar tissue with invaluable experience as a CFO for both private and public companies. Jeff shares his views on CFO best practices, navigating the transition from public to private, the "why" of SPACs, and more.
Ask Me Anything Lee Kirkpatrick Twilio

"Ask Me Anything" with CFO Lee Kirkpatrick Twilio (2012-2018)

Veteran CFO Lee Kirkpatrick guided Twilio to and through its IPO from 2012-2018. Now he's an active board member and executive advisor to both venture-backed and public companies. Lee shares his views and best practices for exercising greater empathy, up-and-down the organization, as a cornerstone to being a strong leader in the company.
Ask Me Anything w/ Criss Harms Forescout

"Ask Me Anything" with CFO Criss Harms Forescout (2013-2020)

Veteran CFO Criss Harms guided ForeScout, a 20-year-old company, for nearly eight years to and through its IPO from 2013-2020 where he helped scale the business with people, systems, and processes. Having traveled the entire start-up journey, Criss has key insight and experience concerning CFO leadership and strategy.
Employee Mental Health

Employee Mental Health - Helping Teams Navigate Adversity

While discussions about mental health in the workplace have always been critical, the unending parade of uncertainties and challenges in 2020 has heightened the issue’s size, scale, and intensity. Our friends from Lyra Health and Culture Amp lead The|Circle group to dig deeper into the frameworks and statistics around mental health, map that data to the tech workforce, and explore different benefits and resources for employee support.
CFO Prepare Annual Plan Present to Board

2021 Financial Planning and Setting Board Expectations

2020 has introduced a wide range of new, unpredictable variables to consider when financial planning for the future. The|Circle convened this week to discuss different planning approaches, including scenario planning, general planning advice, and tactics for communicating these plans to the board.
Changes in the Market (IPO, Direct Listing, SPAC) with Morgan Stanley

What's Going on Below the (Exit) Waves w/ Morgan Stanley

Team Morgan Stanley helped provide some context behind the robust valuations, changing strategies, and structural innovations of today’s market, and offered their advice for how emerging leaders can capitalize on these trends for future success. 
Ask Me Anything w/ Tim Bixby @ Lemonade

"Ask Me Anything" with CFO Tim Bixby @ Lemonade

Despite a global pandemic and recession, CFO Tim Bixby recently helped steer Lemonade to one of the best IPO debuts of 2020.  Having traveled the entire startup-journey through IPO more than once (LPSN, SSTK), Tim has the critical experience and insight into the leadership and strategy necessary to be a successful CFO.