Ask Me Anything w/ Tim Bixby @ Lemonade

"Ask Me Anything" with CFO Tim Bixby @ Lemonade

Despite a global pandemic and recession, CFO Tim Bixby recently helped steer Lemonade to one of the best IPO debuts of 2020.  Having traveled the entire startup-journey through IPO more than once (LPSN, SSTK), Tim has the critical experience and insight into the leadership and strategy necessary to be a successful CFO.
SPAC - An Alternate Route to Going Public

SPAC - An Alternate Route to Going Public

Representing 40% of the entire IPO market today, SPACs are quickly becoming an alternative way for venture-backed companies to go public.  But what exactly are SPACs?  How do they work? How do they differ from a traditional IPO? And why the recent hype?
The CFO's Role with the Board

The Role and Responsibilities of the CFO with the Board

Led by our mutual friends, Rob Krolik and David Oppenheimer, this Circle|Call was geared towards discussing how CFOs can shift their role from one that reports to the board to one that leads the board (of course, in conjunction with their CEO).
CFO Software Stack Programs Systems

CFO Software Stack: The Good and The Should Be

CFO’s touch upon so many aspects of the business and a critical one is owning and managing the majority of a company's software stack. The CFO|Circle convened to discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly of the software they are using today, best practices for implementation, and if there should be a specific role hired to manage the stack.
Making Work Work for Parents in 2020

Making Work Work for Parents in 2020 - Part Two

A sharing of ideas and experimentation's on this rapidly evolving area to support working parents during distance learning and shelter in place. By all accounts, everyone’s kids will continue to be at home for distance learning with their schools. Under all circumstances, it can eat into their productivity and cause friction in their work satisfaction. What do we (companies) do?
Making Work Work for Parents in 2020

Making Work Work for Parents in 2020

A broader group discussion focused on “how to” approach an entirely unprecedented but not unexpected issue that companies are contending with for their working parents. A big population to solve for (64% of households 2+ working parents). And one to pay attention to as attrition seems to be a high possibility. How will your company try to help make this new reality more sustainable?
Return to On-Site Work Series

Return to (On-Site) Work Series

This Circle|Call series was focused on figuring out how to invite employees back to the office (or continue supporting them remotely) with peer-to-peer first-hand accounts and benchmarking data on what is and isn't working in this herculean endeavor.
Leading Through Crises & Downturns in a Remote Environment

Leading Through Crises and Downturns in a Remote World

Complimenting as well as contrasting points of view by Dave Dorman and Sid Sijbrandij were shared with leaders of The Circle on how leaders can be available, communicative, and vulnerable to drive desired attitudes and behaviors throughout the organization and across all stakeholders.
Supporting Employees in a New Reality Pandemic

Supporting Employees in a New Reality (a Pandemic)

Companies are looking to finding ways to drive culture and KPI’s during this current environment. Together with folks at Tala, Scoop, and Brunswick, The|Circle discussed people-based policies, services, and communications to help employees feel both supported and inspired to do their best work.
Office Space Design During Covid 19

Designing the New (On-Site) Employee Experience

The Circle community came together with a stellar cast of subject matter experts (Damla Gerhart from CBRE, Melissa Hanley from Blitz, Eric Pfeiffer from Corral and Shannon Magari from Colden) in the areas of space planning, architectural/interior design, and workspace ergonomics to discuss how once employees are on-site, how to drive desired perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors through human-factors and ergonomics design.