How to Structure a Secondary So it Doesn’t Count as Compensation

We recently spoke with partners at Fenwick & West, about the laws and regulations concerning compensation, how they’re applied to employee tender offers, and what steps companies can take to maximize the benefits to employees, and reduce cost and future risk.

How the New Tax Law (Section 83(i)) Impacts Startup Equity

The new tax law offers relief for some employees who might otherwise have been forced to hold options or let them expire because of a large tax bill. But the new code doesn’t remove every obstacle in the way of employee liquidity—and one provision ostensibly designed to do so looks like it will fall well short. 

Disclosures Needed for an Employee Tender Offer

In order to conduct or facilitate a private tender offer, companies are often required to disclose confidential information they’re used to guarding closely. Learn more about what leading a tender offer may need to share the following with employee sellers.

A Legal Guide to Secondaries

We recently spoke to Craig Jacoby, legal specialist on secondary financing, about how companies should balance controlling their capitalization tables with providing liquidity opportunities to employees, and how to best manage some of the risk involved.