Employee Retention Strategies and Ideas from HR Pros

Focusing on employee retention can result in significant savings. Here are the pro’s favorite strategies and ideas to help retain their star talent

how to retain employees

How to Retain Employees and Reasons for Attrition

In a wide-ranging conversation, Chris Barbin from GGV capital shares what he did to retain employees and the importance of finding the reasons for attrition.

Why Low Retention Rate Shouldn’t Be A Blanket Goal

Patty McCord literally wrote the book on building effective teams after her tenure at Netflix. Here she shares why low retention rate shouldn’t be a goal.

The Challenge Of High Turnover At Startups

Despite offering competitive pay and benefits like paid parental leave and tuition reimbursement, startup turnover is still double the average. Find out why.

Incentive Stock Option Expiration Date Problem

As more and more startups elect to stay private for longer, the mandated 10-year expiration date on incentive stock options is becoming a real problem.

The 409a Valuation Process – 10 Things Every Founder Should Know

Stock options have been a way for startups to incentivize employees but with them comes regulatory requirements in the form of a 409A valuation for startups.

Secondary Stock Sales: A Brief History

Secondary stock sales have always been possible, but their popularity has soared in the last 10 years. Learn about the history secondary transactions & market.

Section 1202 Stock: The QSBS Gain Exclusion

A little-known tax incentive for investing in qualified small businesses can help investors get $10M tax-free.

Stock Options and Other Equity Compensation Strategies

Incentivizing employees with stock options is common in startups, but it can be difficult to know which types of stock options to provide at each stage.

Disclosures Needed for an Employee Tender Offer

Figuring out how to manage what type of equity to issue—Restricted Stock, ISO, NSO, or RSU—is an ever-present challenge for startups, with the best strategy changing as a company grows.