We're humbled when our customers refer to us in this manner. It's a moving metaphor. The kitchen table is where life's most important conversations occur and its most important decisions are made.

It’s also the place where we often find ourselves in a conversation with a founder and their family, hearing first hand about their life’s dreams and the pressing dilemmas facing their households. As these aspirations and burdens accumulate, they can cause an unbearable pressure on the personal front and distracts from all-important duties on the work front.

To relieve life's pressure valve, we're asked by companies to purchase just enough of the team member's vested common stock (often in the form of restricted stock, ISOs, NSOs or RSUs) to get their family into a house, enroll their kids into school, pay-off their debts, cover a family member's medical needs or, unfortunately, settle matters when life didn't go quite as hoped for.

We’re positioned to be as flexible as a #breakawaygrowth company needs with a fund, raised predominantly from institutional investors, plus a strategic relationship with Silicon Valley Bank where we can organize a broad range of structures that solves the problem at hand.